A Mama’s Guide to Wrightsville Beach

Yesterday morning when my four year old woke up he asked, “Is it a school day?” When I said no, he smiled, “It’s a beach day!” It’s so good to live at the beach. Thomas and I load of the car with beach toys and escape to the beach once a week. Here are some tips I’ve learned over four years of sandy swimming trunks, bags of beach toys, and many, many sand castles.

Image1. Coffee is a must. We like to stop at Cafe del Mar where Thomas can get a bagel and I can get a cup of joe. Everyone is happy. The folks at Cafe del Mar are so nice, they make a great latte, and they love little ones.

2. Get there early. There’s nothing worse than hot sand on tiny toes or fighting to get a parking spot with a screaming child in the backseat. We aim to get to the beach between 8:30 and 9:00.

3. Access number four rocks. If you’re looking for other mommies to talk to, children to play with, and gorgeous tidal pools, locals know that access four at Wrightsville Beach is the place to be. Did I mention this access has bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms? Sweet luxury. 

4. Apply sunscreen before you leave the house so you don’t get distracted once you get to the beach and forget. Re-apply often.

5. Pack lots of water and snacks. Bring a sheet to sit on in the sand, if you think your little ones will let you sit.

6. Pay for an hour more of parking than you think you need. I learned this the hard way after getting many parking tickets and turning into a grouchy mama trying to drag my little explorer and beach toys to the car in time to beat the ticket. Beach time always goes faster than you think it should.

7. Relax and enjoy – these summer days go by faster than you can believe.



1 thought on “A Mama’s Guide to Wrightsville Beach

  1. Sussi

    Love this! I remember taking my four year old, now 37, to WBch . Now she takes her four year old… and the ocean is still there, still working it’s magic.


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